Dr. Ngoc is a 35 year old female client that has a very demanding job as a College Professor. She began working with Lee-Ann to prioritize her health. Being new to Honolulu, Ngoc’s main goals where to be HAWAII active ( hiking, paddleDr. Ngoc boarding, snorkeling, surfing) without getting tired or winded. Here’s a recent text I received from after our workout session:

“You saved me a trip to ER today, I slipped on stairs and fell on stairs by grabbing on to the railing, if i was tighter I would have fell down the whole stairs or hit my head…working out to stay alive and unhurt; forget bikinis.” Ngoc Phan, Sep 2019


George is an endurance athlete that runs a busy and thriving massage practice. When he decided to register for a three day trail race, he began our 2CW-HI classes to supplement his trails work. George realized that he needed to include agility, core, balance and strength training into his regimen to protect his body from all that the trails has to offer, which unfortunately includes falling! Here’s a comment he left us the day after he took our class:

“I’m a little quivery this morning but know I’m just a bit stronger! All I could think of carrying that medicine ball over my head going up and down the stairs was how much it was going to help me on my 3-day stage trail race next month!” – George Davis, Sep 2019