be comfortable being uncomfortable

I have a list of mantras I've created with my clients over the years; a list I refer to as LAWisms. With over 20 years teaching, coaching and training experience, I have many lawisms. And no, I don't consider my way to be THE LAW; but the nickname stuck when my triathlon training buddy referred … Continue reading be comfortable being uncomfortable

can i exercise too much?

In this week's wellness Wednesday IG live mini training, I tackled a client question: can I exercise too much? Let's play Jeopardy, why don't we? Ken Jennings: Alex, I'll take Wellness Wednesday for $1,000 Alex: You got it Ken! This occurs when a person exceeds their body's ability to recover from strenuous exercise Ken Jennings: … Continue reading can i exercise too much?

ok, I'll tell you about losing body fat for reals

Yesterday, I did a mini training tackling my client’s concern - HOW DO I LOSE MY BELLY FAT! The top-line? Our bodies don’t operate like that. We can’t choose where we want to lose fat from. BUT! You know what’s even better? Losing body fat overall, is a healthy way to keep our bodies thriving. … Continue reading ok, I'll tell you about losing body fat for reals