trainer tip tue: lifting + running

It’s Trainer tip Tuesday! Strength training will help not hurt your running. Here is a sample run and weekly lift program. Weight training for runners will accomplish three major goals: decrease injury prevention, increase muscular power, and improve neuromuscular coordination. Depending on the source, 35 to 80% of runners will get hurt every single year. … Continue reading trainer tip tue: lifting + running

tabata your thursday

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cuckoo for box jumps

WHAT ARE BOX JUMPS? Box jumps are a compound, multi-joint exercise that is great when training for explosive power. Here are some of their benefits: Speed & Overall Strength Athleticism & Core Power and Explosion Functionality Box jumps is the simple movement of standing on the floor, and then jumping forward onto a box of … Continue reading cuckoo for box jumps

aloha wow (workout of the week)

Pressed for time? Use either of these workouts below to get an effective workout in a flash. Shoulder Pump: Do 3 sets of the following, without any rest between exercises. Rest 30 seconds at the end of each set. Dumbbell shoulder press 10 reps Dumbbell lateral raises 10 reps Dumbbell front raises 10 reps Dumbbell … Continue reading aloha wow (workout of the week)