why i left an unhealthy business relationship

This year, I've decided to get out of my comfort zone because 2019 taught me valuable lessons in my business. Lesson Learned #1: If you have a gut feeling about a particular person you plan on entering into a partnership with, go with your gut feeling. Don't give that person the benefit of the doubt. … Continue reading why i left an unhealthy business relationship

7 signs you are burning fat

The scale isn't the best measure of progress due to the simple fact that the scale can't differentiate between what is muscle, what is fat, what is water or anything else – all it does is measure the relationship your body mass has with gravity. With my clients, I use several types of measurements to … Continue reading 7 signs you are burning fat

be comfortable being uncomfortable

I have a list of mantras I've created with my clients over the years; a list I refer to as LAWisms. With over 20 years teaching, coaching and training experience, I have many lawisms. And no, I don't consider my way to be THE LAW; but the nickname stuck when my triathlon training buddy referred … Continue reading be comfortable being uncomfortable

can i exercise too much?

In this week's wellness Wednesday IG live mini training, I tackled a client question: can I exercise too much? Let's play Jeopardy, why don't we? Ken Jennings: Alex, I'll take Wellness Wednesday for $1,000 Alex: You got it Ken! This occurs when a person exceeds their body's ability to recover from strenuous exercise Ken Jennings: … Continue reading can i exercise too much?

4 easy ways to vibe_365 your intentions

In Today's #instagram live story, I gave my followers 4 easy ways to set their intentions for this week. I'm sure you've heard of this Quote by Benjamin Franklin: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Prepare for success this week by using these 4 steps : Create your intentions for this week: Choose 1-3 things you want … Continue reading 4 easy ways to vibe_365 your intentions

ok, I'll tell you about losing body fat for reals

Yesterday, I did a mini training tackling my client’s concern - HOW DO I LOSE MY BELLY FAT! The top-line? Our bodies don’t operate like that. We can’t choose where we want to lose fat from. BUT! You know what’s even better? Losing body fat overall, is a healthy way to keep our bodies thriving. … Continue reading ok, I'll tell you about losing body fat for reals

kettlebell killah @vibe_365

As promised on today’s #instagram live! @vibe_365 Kettlebell Killah 🔥💪🏾 Have at it. Let me know how it goes. And remember the meme “But did you die?!” 😝 Message me if you have questions about the exercises. The beauty of the #internet? You can search ERRYTHANG!

bring on a new decade – my gift to you

Happy New Year! 🎈🎊🎆 My gift for you to kick off your 2020! As @SoheeFit said it best: ⁣ ⁣ You may be tempted to slash your calories and crank up your cardio come January 1, but please remember:⁣ ⁣ ✅ the best fitness program is the one you can adhere to ⁣ ⁣ ✅ getting leaner won’t … Continue reading bring on a new decade – my gift to you

why you fail at diets

In Mark Manson's ebook Habits, he writes In 1998, psychologist Roy Baumeister made a startling discovery. People who were forced to exert willpower (in this case, resisting eating cookies placed in front of them) did worse on puzzles and problem-solving tasks than people who indulged themselves. Thinking that perhaps it was a fluke of particularly … Continue reading why you fail at diets

why new year’s resolutions fail

It's that time of year again! January 1st fast approaches and the "new year, new me" movement begins. Countless people over reach and set massive to-do's in 2020, all the while setting themselves up for failure before they even begin. Why do resolutions fail? Most people fail because their goals are not specific enough; they … Continue reading why new year’s resolutions fail