finding your tribe; it’s not as hard as you think

Over my 43 trips around the sun, my most important lesson learned is letting go of what no longer serves me. And this my friends, includes relationships! Sound harsh? Hell no! THAT sounds HEALTHY! Now with my grown ass self, I feel confident in helping my clients do the same - creating healthy boundaries that … Continue reading finding your tribe; it’s not as hard as you think

black friday @vibe_365 wellness bundle

I just finished a free 4-week accountability group with a wonderful team of ladies. We became vulnerable in a safe and supportive environment as as such, were able to crush our goals with the help and gentle nudges from one another! As we head into #blackfriday, and the hectic holiday season, I wanted to offer … Continue reading black friday @vibe_365 wellness bundle

mindfulness monday – meditation

It's #mindfulness #Monday! Since the start of 2019, I've spent a lot of time with my two feet and more importantly, my mind, in the trails. After our devastating loss of identical twin boys at almost 20 weeks, I knew I needed an outlet for the deep depression I sunk into. I decided to start trail running … Continue reading mindfulness monday – meditation

Mindful Monday: be less busy & more productive

Do you want to be LESS BUSY and MORE PRODUCTIVE? There’s never enough time. From trying to build businesses and brands, balancing other jobs and plans, managing our own daily needs, and even sometimes preparing and taking care of other people’s lives… how is it possible to get it all done without losing yourself. Use … Continue reading Mindful Monday: be less busy & more productive