it’s a slow process. do i quit?

I've been spending all of this year on the trails; looking to to reignite my passion for racing and wanting to spend more time, effort and mostly, energy, moving my body in an organic way - moving through the environment - running, walking, climbing, and yes, slipping, falling (LOL)... Well it didn't take long for … Continue reading it’s a slow process. do i quit?

cuckoo for box jumps

WHAT ARE BOX JUMPS? Box jumps are a compound, multi-joint exercise that is great when training for explosive power. Here are some of their benefits: Speed & Overall Strength Athleticism & Core Power and Explosion Functionality Box jumps is the simple movement of standing on the floor, and then jumping forward onto a box of … Continue reading cuckoo for box jumps

aloha wow (workout of the week)

Many of our #2CWHI Athletes are gearing up for the Hapalua Half Marathon in April. Speed work, hill training, recovery runs and long distance adventures are our #newnormal. No too mention, fitting in all of the other stuff we love. For me, it's getting quite crazy. The Hang Out (love), lifting (love), teaching my #spin classless (double love), … Continue reading aloha wow (workout of the week)