client wins nonscale victories

I've been working with #bossbabe for several weeks now. I call her BB because she prefers to remain anonymous online. When we first met, we realized that she had an overwhelming anxiety over weighing herself and that she was an emotional eater. So through gentle nudges, and planning together, we opted to keep her off … Continue reading client wins nonscale victories

black friday @vibe_365 wellness bundle

I just finished a free 4-week accountability group with a wonderful team of ladies. We became vulnerable in a safe and supportive environment as as such, were able to crush our goals with the help and gentle nudges from one another! As we head into #blackfriday, and the hectic holiday season, I wanted to offer … Continue reading black friday @vibe_365 wellness bundle

tuesday testimonial…Keopu

I'm very fortunate to be able to do happy work with  busy and stressed women using my #POTS365 method to love their body they are in. I'm the gentle nudge, the buddy in their corner, the back to lean on when shit gets real... Accountability Client Ke'ōpū Reelitz, November 2019

my transformation – 23 year journey

QUICK STORY! A 23 year journey!!! 1st-4th pics: High School Senior Year 1995 - College in 1996 5th-10th pics: Ultra marathon, weight lifting, life-changing colon surgery, living my best life! In 1997 while in college, I joined Jenny Craig (JC) because at 5’3”, I weighed about the same as my 6’4” boyfriend. I lost 45 … Continue reading my transformation – 23 year journey